Development Course
Awarded the Innovation Project Fund by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State Council. Awarded the title of "Private Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province".
Won the national "high-tech enterprise"
Double soft enterprise qualification. Set up as "Suzhou Image Measurement and Analysis Application Engineering Research Center". Module AOI shipment to Samsung marks the maturity of the company's module AOI technology and the recognition of internationally renowned display manufacturers.
Hard screen module oled inspection equipment shipped to Samsung, marking the maturity of the company's oled aoi technology, recognized by internationally renowned display manufacturers. Awarded the Suzhou Technology Leading Talent Enterprise Commendation.
Honor of Qualification
Suzhou Fuxinlin Photoelectric Technology Co. 18761900800(Mr. Xu)

Address: 5F, Building 16, Suzhou Nano City, No.99 Jinjihu Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province

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